The Calmar Prairie Players welcome you to a special theatre event!

Through May 1, 2 and 3, the
Calmar Prairie Players will be
presenting the World Premiere
of a new play by local playwright,
Chris McKerracher.

"The Crimson Cap Ladies Save the Day"

The local Crimson Cap Ladies group embark unwittingly on a hilarious alien adventure during their light lunch and wine tasting extravaganza. Definitely "out there"...or is it???

TICKETS ONLY $40.00* including a buffet feast brought to you by Bob Ronnie Catering

*Thursday night "show only" for just fifteen bucks at the door!


or drop us at line at

Contact us here.

What the critics have said:

Jeffery Rowbotham, New York Times theatre critic:
"Never heard of it, now quit phoning me."

Collin Mclaine, Edmonton theatre icon:
"You spelled my name wrong."

Alan Smithy, Writer, Pipestone Flyer:
"The Calmar Prairie Players put on a terrifically entertaining evening of theatre. I can't wait to see what they do next!"

Box 685, Calmar, Ab. | 780 985 2267

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